Design and support solutions for online–marketing

Using the platform OpenCart in designing is a modern , fast and not expensive way to project an Internet-shop
at absolutely any subject and functional complexity. All you need for leading the marketing online
is already done by the team of our agency.
Design and page-proof
Projected and planned design of the future Internet-shop fulfills in life in the short term by convenient structure of system templates. Framework “ bootstrap” lets the page-proof adapt to all kinds of devices and modern browsers.
Engineering the additions
Functional systems can be expanded and customized by client`s need, furthermore without spending many resources. We designed and optimized hundreds of functional tasks, and clients got the result fast and for good price.
Support and development
One of the main features of our team is an experience in the sphere of online-shops, as a business. We constantly work with e-commerce projects in the range of optimizing usability, increasing sales and average order value, improving an efficiency of work
Advertisement and promotion
You are looking for an executor, who not only designs, but later will attract the buyers to visit the website? Email us! We know how to get this task done perfectly!

Why OpenCart?

This is a modern solution in the sphere of designing and full-functional Internet shopping with constantly improvable functional in basic version.
Excellent elaboration of control panel lets us manage your project even for not very advanced users
  • Orders

  • Clients

  • Analytics

  • Additions

  • Integration


Manage your projects from any device
  • The work with orders

    Fast and convenient managing orders. It is possible to edit and add orders with 2 clicks. The main information about the buyer and the date of purchase is always available .

  • Tracking updates

    Your order can get a status, that can help to indicate the step, where your project is. For team work it is the best decision.

  • Search orders

    You can always find the right order and look through it fast within 2 clicks.

    Integration with CRM

    You use CRM system in your work? Great! We will install the integration with your service for convenient managing orders.


The information about clients at one place.
  • Search clients

    Find the necessary client by name, cell phone or email. Every client , who placed the order, goes to the shop database.

  • The groups of clients

    Making the groups of clients you can appoint the variety of prices and amount of discounts.

  • Flexible managing of client`s card

    Make the necessary fields, fill in and keep the information of the client in the way you want.


Convenient traffic and order analytics
  • Analytic systems

    Count the sessions, placed orders, track the source of traffic of your shop. Our decision lets install the analytics of the online-shop with 2 clicks.

  • Reports

    Install the automatical reporting, control your expense on advertising systems, conversion, transaction costs and get on your email the every-day report or once a week.

  • E-commerce

    Using our decision, you will know accurately , which source attract the orders and how much you spend for attracting one transaction.


Expand the functional – fast and not expensive
  • Modular structure

    OpenCart platform let us expand the functional systems by using ready modular or developed with your need.

  • Simple designing rules

    Using opened documentation to the system let us without trying to create the new functional system in the short-term

  • Whole customization of design

    Absolutely any idea fulfills in design of Internet – shop in the short-term , and it means for not so much money.


Integration with external systems
  • Updates from 1C

    Integration with 1C let us import the product and update the prices and balance automatically by uploading the data from your 1C

  • The service of comparing prices

    If you need a product uploading for outside service ( Hotline, Yandex.Market, and others) you can easily make an export of production in form of YM

  • Advertising systems

    You install the dynamical remarketing in Google Adwords or retargeting in Facebook or VK? Our platform let us upload the necessary list of products for advertising systems.

Support of the real projects

You want to improve the Internet shop , that you already have by OpenCart? You need a constant support and improvement of the design?
We are ready to take the Internet shop that is already done and to become a reliable partner in the sphere of development of new functions and additions.
The cost of work per hour
The development of modular, correcting the work of the real functional , improvement of functional system.
The development of design for new functional , changing the deign of the blocks.
Supporting of servers, optimizing of the website speed work, the audit of project safety.


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