Context advertisement in Google Adwords

You want to begin to advertise your goods and services effectively online? Or to improve your advertising campaigns and reduce the cost of attracting clients?


Fast start
Start of the campaign in 1-3 days

Growth of conversion
Increasing the number of requests

Analytics and audit
Setting the system of analytics, aims and e-commerce
Direct access to the account
We lead the opened statistics for clients

Main instruments

What and when will we do?

The leading of advertising campaigns requires the accurate plan and performing of necessary tasks for achieving the aim. This list describes only briefly
the main tasks by setting the context advertisement.

Development of the actions strategy of the project

Technical preparation the website before the work begins

  • - installing the codes of analytic systems Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics
  • - installing e-commerce

Setting the aims

  • - setting events for tracking conversions
  • - integration of conversions with advertising systems

First step of actions

  • - creating accounts in the advertising systems ( Google Adwords, Yandex.Direct etc.)
  • - setting the import of data from Yandex.Direct in Google Analytics
  • - creating the searching advertising campaigns in Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct
  • - creating a list of minus-words

Connecting to the internal system of reporting


Development of the advertising campaign Google Adwords

  • - creating the extended announcements ( phone number, address, links)
  • - creating announcements of goods
  • - creating a list of remarketing , including the dynamical
  • - creating announcements in context-media network
  • - creating a list of stop-places

Development of advertising campaign Yandex.Direct

  • - creating the extended announcements ( phone number, address, links)
  • - creating announcements for KMC
  • - setting retargeting
  • - creating audiences for retargeting

Improvement of campaigns

  • - optimizing of search systems Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct
  • - addicting of minus-words
  • - setting of price optimizer for conversion

Setting of automatical weekly reports


Optimization of rates

Analyze and optimization of search and media advertising campaigns

Analyze and optimization of announcements

  • - checking for the aim announcement`s page
  • - checking for the URL 404 error
  • - analyze of the attraction of the announcement

Analyze of the key words and advertising platform

Setting the script of automation of work

Options of payment

We select such way of cooperation , which lets you to expend funds effectively , and we can get a respectable reward for our work.
. We offer three options, according to the difficulty of work, its budget and the type of business.

Percent of budget

With every refill of balance we calculate the percent, according to the budget of the previous month.

Payment per hour

We keep tabs on the spending time and get a payment after completing the project by working with your campaigns.

One-time payment

If you need one step for us to do or starting setting , this option is for you!

In use

You have a project?

Let`s discuss it, analyze and get it done!
Email us:
  • — Before the beginning of works we sign the contract
  • — In the contract we fix the conditions of work and payment for services
  • — Precisely fix the volume of work performed
  • — We form a work plan for at least 6 months
  • — Monthly we send a report on positions and traffic in general
  • — You know exactly what is and what is done on your site
  • — Reporting compliance with the plan
  • — Communication with the manager by phone or in any convenient way
  • — Specification of details of work, before site modification
  • — Analysis of usability, modification of design and site functionality
  • — Analytics of attendance and proposals for development