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Do you want to receive quality referrals from search engines for hundreds of inquiries related to your products or services?
We know how to conduct a competent search engine optimization of your site, to forecast traffic
and to achieve good positions in the first results of the issuance of Google and Yandex.
  • 6 years
    experience of website promotion
  • 1000 requests
    in the TOP-10 Google and Yandex
  • 800 000 visitors
    for all promoted projects every month
  • 1999 UAH
    minimum budget

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  • We aim at the long-term result of the client's site development. 90% of clients have been with us for more than 2 years.
  • We focus on the quality of traffic and its constant growth.
  • Constantly monitor the results and report to the client.
  • We work under the contract, we carry financial guarantees in case of failure to achieve results
  • We approve all changes to the site with the client before implementation..
  • We advise the client on the development of his project in terms of SEO
  • The project is serviced by a team of professionals with whom you can communicate directly.

Website promotion with warranty

We financially guarantee the effectiveness of our work, which is protected by our reputation and contract

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Development of the site without search engine promotion

Results of work

Constantly conducting a complex of works on search engine optimization, the site starts to rank higher in search engines.
Your customers find you more often, the number of hits from the site is growing, and business is developing.
Online Store 070

Online Store 070

  • Task:

    Increase the targeted traffic for an already leading store in its subject matter. Maintain existing positions in TOPs, worked out before our participation.

  • Результат:

    An in-depth analysis of the topics of products has been carried out, a semantic core has been compiled. Fixed technical errors after the seo-audit. A plan is made to change the structure of the store and make descriptions of categories. The growth of traffic for the year is + 37% after the start of work.

Inquiry Place in the TOP-10
buy flashlight 1
lanterns for hunting 2
фонари nitecore 1
batteries for flashlights 1
lanterns of cues 2
folding knives 3
penknife 1
buy laser 1
buy a knife 1
butterfly knife 1
  • Visibility
    increased 2.2 times
  • Attendance
    increased by 37%
  • Conversion
    increased by 0.37%
  • Refusals
    decreased by 15%
  • Low-frequency queries
    number increased 6 times
Online store Alkopati

Online store Alkopati

  • Task:

    Develop a strategy for promoting a new online store of alcohol. Go to attendance at least 2000 conversions from the search per week.

  • Result:

    The plan of optimization of categories and cards of the goods is developed. The semantic kernel of queries is selected. A content strategy has been created to attract different types of traffic. As a result, the growth of search traffic from zero to 8000 conversions per month for 6 months.
  • Visibility
    increases 2 times/quarter
  • Attendance
    grows by 50% per month
  • Conversion
    at the level of 1%
  • Refusals
    not more than 12%
  • Returns
    every third customer
Online store Enita

Online store Enita

  • Task:

    Increase the search traffic, take a confident position in the topic of flooring. Expand the product line based on demand.

  • Result:

    The study of the structure of the store has been carried out, the core of queries has been collected. Created hundreds of landing pages and categories of goods by colors, types of coatings, region and so on. The growth of search traffic by 280% in 12 months.

Inquiry Place in the TOP-10
carpeting for home 1
commercial carpet 1
household carpet 1
buy cheap carpet/td> 1
artificial grass 1
linoleum for office 1
buy linoleum 2
linoleum price 1
ламинат Tarkett 1
laminate classen 1
  • Visibility
    increased by 5.3 times
  • Attendance
    increased by 280%
  • Conversion
    increased by 0.56%
  • Refusals
    decreased by 30%
  • Transactions
    the number is increased 3 times

How we are working?

For more than 5 years of work we have made a clear plan of work with each client. We regularly monitor the quality of work and monitor the results. The scheme of our cooperation is structured in such a way that attention is paid to each client, despite the budget and complexity of the project.
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Leave an application on the site or by phone. We will receive it, process it and make a commercial offer.
Commercial offer
In the process of signing the contract, we will clarify all the details, sign the contract and receive the first payment.
Site optimization and output to TOP
We will conduct an audit, draw up a plan for the development of the project, start implementing it and achieving the set tasks
Supporting positions improve the site
Tracking the results, we correct the work. We are improving the project. We advise the client on how best to develop the site from the perspective of the search engine.

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  • — Before the beginning of works we sign the contract
  • — In the contract we fix the conditions of work and payment for services
  • — We accurately fix the amount of work performed
  • — We form a work plan for at least 6 months
  • — Monthly we send a report on positions and traffic in general
  • — You know exactly what is and what is done on your site
  • — Reporting compliance with the plan
  • — Communication with the manager by phone or in any convenient way
  • — Specification of the details of the work before the modification of the site
  • — Analysis of usability, modification of design and site functionality
  • — Analytics of attendance and proposals for development